Sunday, 11 August 2013

First post!

Welcome to my new blog!

I have run blogs in the past but I decided to delete them and start fresh so I can focus on what I love!

So I guess you're wondering about me,

If you ever saw me wondering around, there is a big chance that I would be wearing black clothes with my Dr Martens or my Brothel creepers. I would probably be wearing something that's leather or velvet because I love the gothic/grungy look and I think it suits my pale English skin much more than paler clothes do. On some rare occasions I do wear things that aren't black!

However, in my mind, that is a different story! I absolutely love pink, girly clothes and I love the Lolita style- I think all the different types are so amazing and interesting to look at! Anything that is lacy and/or pink, I probably love! I am also a massive fan of Hello Kitty, you should see my kawaii hello kitty phone case I got, I'm in love with it! But as I mentioned earlier how pale clothes don't really suit me, that's why I choose not to wear pale clothes.

One of my main style inspirations for what I wear is Felice Fawn, she wears black a lot like myself so it's no wonder I like her style!

Felice Fawn
I love the way she has her black lipstick on to match her lovely black locks! I admire her style because she wears her clothes in such a unique way that it would be difficult to pull it off whilst looking as amazing as Felice!

I think this is enough for my first post!!


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